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Port Engineering Projects

Company Profile


HHO Africa is a medium sized consulting civil engineering company, which has served South Africa with distinction since its inception in 1926. Affectionately known as H20, the company is renowned for engineering excellence across all civil engineering disciplines. HHO Africa’s motto, “Innovating Infrastructure for Life,” encapsulates the ethos of the company, which prides itself on innovation and fosters a “can do” attitude. Almost 20% of staff have been with the company for more than 20 years, while more than 40% have served HHO Africa for 10 years or more. Such loyalty is testament to an inclusive company culture that embraces diversity and equality whilst caring for its people. Almost 75% of staff is under 50 years of age, with more than 50% younger than 40. The graph at left illustrates the even spread of age groups within HHO Africa. 


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Roots & Achievements

HHO Africa is proud of its South African heritage and ownership. For almost 90 years HHO Africa has been privately owned and today is owned by its directors and staff. HHO Africa has an Employee Ownership Scheme for black employees, who for the past 30 years have comprised more than half of its staff compliment.  The company has achieved Level 3 on the BBBEE scorecard and is committed to transformation, enterprise development and mentorship.

Young leaders are identified and promoted within the firm. A good succession plan has prevented the need to sell out to large international buyers whilst maintaining a stable leadership and management structure.

HHO Africa’s corporate structure is flexible, adaptable and responsive to specific project needs. Business Units are configured in terms of specialist competencies and project requirements. These are supported by an EXCO, which provides executive, operational, administrative and financial support functions.

Our People

With our motivated, versatile professional engineers, technologists, planners and technicians, we aim to meet the needs of our clients and to help them build the infrastructure that will improve the quality of life of all who benefit from their projects.  At the same time we are committed to the development of our own people through in-house training, bursaries for tertiary education and mentorship.  Our current staff complement is over 130, consisting of engineers, technologist and support staff.

Technical Excellence and Innovation

HHO Africa’s technical excellence and innovation have been acknowledged through the numerous SAICE, CESA, Fulton and SAPOA awards won. HHO Africa has published many technical papers nationally and internationally and has shared its expertise at conferences, symposia and tertiary education institutions.

H20 is proud of the wide range of specialists within the firm, who author manuals, promote new technologies, design complex structures, alleviate congestion and provide safe drinking water, sanitation and flood relief to the people of this continent. We save our Clients money through innovative, tailored solutions through our “Can do” attitude, technical knowledge and expertise. HHO Africa has always been exposed to a wide variety of projects, providing a stimulating work environment.

HHO Africa has significantly contributed to the updated International Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Guide. We are experts in pavement technology and have advanced the use of Continuously Reinforced Concrete (CRC) and High Modulus Asphalt (HMA) pavements.