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Airport Engineering

Airport Engineering

Airports have become “the gateway” to countries, regions and cities and have taken over the passenger functions that were historically performed by harbours and intercity railway stations.  Thus airports are of considerable symbolic importance and provides important “first impressions” of a country and/or a city.

It is also recognized that airports within metropolitan areas can become the foci for significant industrial and commercial developments, impacting far beyond the strict confines of airport properties.  Modern airports are major economic generators, offering substantial employment opportunities, directly and indirectly, for skilled and unskilled labour.  On the other hand it should not be forgotten that airports also have the potential to impact adversely on their surrounding environments.

HHO Africa, together with their traffic, roads, geotechnical and structural expertise are able to offer an integrated airport/airfield planning and design service.  Our engineering expertise can be categorized into airside and landside airport infrastructure.

Airside Planning & Design

  • Airport/Airfield site evaluation
  • Airport Master Planning
  • Runway/taxiway planning and design
  • Aircraft pavement design and rehabilitation
  • Drainage and pollution control
  • Aircraft support services 
  • Passenger Loading Bridges

Landside Planning & Design 

  • Integrated Transport and Terminal Planning
  • Airport Public Transport/Demand Analysis
  • Parking Demand Studies
  • Integrated Civil and Structural Services for Terminal Buildings and Airport Support Facilities