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Bridge Structures

Bridge Structures

Bridges form an integral part of the overall road and rail network and play a strategic role in maintaining access for transport. Man has built bridges since the earliest days of civilization to carry goods, people and resources across obstructions. Bridges vary from the simple wooden structure to the most complex suspension and cable-stayed structures and reflect the ingenuity of man to solve complex problems.

HHO Africa Bridge Division forms an integral part of the practice. It has many years of experience in the planning, design, project management, construction, inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of a wide variety of new and existing bridges and viaducts. The scale of project ranges from the provision of simple culverts to major bridges. HHO Africa have built up an impressive portfolio of new bridges as well as the extensive experience in the modification, strengthening and rehabilitation of existing bridges. HHO Africa can provide a comprehensive service for their clients in the multi-faceted world of bridge engineering and can assist their clients with the design of:

  • New road and rail bridges
  • Strengthening and widening of existing bridges
  • Rehabilitation of old bridges
  • Dealing with alkali-aggregate reaction
  • Structural assessment of bridges to latest codes and bridge safety assessments
  • Assessment of bridges for abnormal or superloads
  • Routine and special bridge inspections
  • Bridge hydrology and waterway capacity analysis