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Railway Engineering

Railway Engineering

There appears to be a new realization of the importance of our rail network in South Africa‚Äôs overall transportation capability.  Major new investments are projected for the upgrading of existing heavy rail (freight and passenger) and the extension of selected high speed rail corridors. HHO Africa have considerable experience in all types of rail engineering projects from the High Speed Gautrain, to conventional freight and commuter rail facilities, and to light rail in an urban context.

HHO Africa offer the following rail engineering professional services:

  • Rail feasibility studies including assessing freight/passenger demand
  • Rail detail design and construction monitoring including contract documentation for different rail systems, high speed rail, heavy rail (freight and passengers) and light rail
  • Rail/Port Interface logistics, planning and design
  • Station design including integration of rail with other transport modes, e.g. road based public transport
  • Rail safety audits
  • Private siding rail design