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Rural Development

Rural Development

Modern urbanization has created unique challenges for South Africa's rural communities. Economic activity is distributed disproportionately between rural and urban areas, being greatly biased towards urban areas. Limited employment, education and health care opportunities have contributed towards this imbalance.

HHO Africa acknowledges that appropriate rural development is an important and necessary component of national economic development policies. We have accordingly identified, initiated and pioneered many rural development projects over several decades. Most of these projects have been managed from our offices in the Eastern Cape, where the need for rural upliftment is perhaps most obvious. Our Rural Development projects have involved HHO Africa's full range of professional services.

HHO Africa have also been involved with several Labour Enhanced and Labour Based Construction projects, which apart from the employment opportunities created, have transferred skills and increased local construction capacities.

Services Offered

  • Bulk and RDP level water supply
  • Peri-urban water supply
  • Ground water investigations
  • Low cost sanitation and treatment
  • Conventional community access roads
  • Labour-based community access roads
  • Regional roads and bridges
  • Rural public transport planning
  • Public transport interchanges
  • Civil and structural engineering to schools, clinics, hospital and industrial buildings