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Rural Development

Water Engineering

The growth of the urban population, and to a lesser extent the rural population, increasing needs of industry and agriculture as well as environmental requirement are placing an increasing strain on the limited water resources of a water-stressed country such as South Africa. The provision of potable water as well as the need to treat and, wherever possible, recycle waste water requires extensive engineering input.

HHO Africa Water Resources division offers many years of experience in the planning, design, project management, construction and maintenance of water projects from large urban infrastructure projects to small rural village schemes. The scale of project ranges from the protection of springs and wells through the provision of both urban and rural water supply and waste water treatment. They can assist their clients to:

  • Evaluate available water resources
  • Assess environmental impacts of water resource development
  • Prepare project feasibility reports and cost estimates
  • Assist with community participation and information programmes
  • Design new or extensions to water treatment facilities
  • Analyse existing and design new water distribution systems
  • Design storage reservoirs
  • Design small and medium sized waste water treatment facilities
  • Hydrology and flood analysis and estimation of flood lines
  • Design dams, weirs and stream intakes
  • Design pump stations and pipelines
  • Carry out dam safety inspections across the full spectrum of dams from Category I to III
  • Design dam modification arising out of safety inspections
  • Prepare contract documentation and contract administration of the projects