BSI ISO 9001 Certificate

HHO Africa has a certified quality management system which has been in place in all our offices since 2006.

Our company quality management system (QMS) is built on the recognized QMS pillars of:

  • Make in-house QMS improvements continuously
  • Create a corporate culture where problems/challenges can be acknowledged openly
  • Focus on customer needs and deliverables
  • Manage multi-disciplinary projects using our in-house matrix management procedures
  • Continuous technical training
  • Commitment of top management to QMS
  • Recognition that QMS is a continuous management process through all stages of product delivery

The benefits of our QMS system to both clients and company can be summarized as follows :

  • Better client service and deliverables
  • Improved project risk management
  • More cost-effective designs and better company profitability
  • Ability to manage large and complex projects
  • Better work environment
  • Improved competitiveness