Company Profile

We are a South African-based civil engineering consultancy that designs and facilitates the implementation of civil engineering infrastructure projects.

Our first consulting engineering office was opened by John Hawkins in Johannesburg more than 90 years ago. John Hawkins was soon joined by Dryden Osborne and later his son, Robert Hawkins, to form Hawkins, Hawkins and Osborn (HHO).

Since the late 1920s, we have been contributing to the infrastructural development in both rural and urban regions of Southern Africa. Our considered approach means that we recognise the past and look towards a bright future where we can play a role in the betterment of South Africa.

At HHO, we believe that we can make a positive impact by addressing the injustices of the past, the inefficiencies in the existing infrastructure systems and the total lack of infrastructure in some communities. By focussing on these issues we hope to stimulate economic growth, give communities access to opportunities and, therefore, a better quality of life.

We are proud of our South African heritage and ownership. We have always been a privately and wholly South African owned company. We run an employee ownership scheme for our black employees, who for the past 30 years, have made up more than half of our staff compliment

Being a majority black-owned company, comprising 10% black female ownership, we have achieved B-BBEE Level 1 status and are committed to transformation, skills development, procurement from empowered suppliers and corporate social investment.

Apart from working hard to improve the lives of others, we also strive to create an atmosphere in which our own employees feel at home and get the opportunity to prosper. Almost 20% of our staff have been with the company for more than 20 years, while more than 40% have served HHO for 10 years or more. Such loyalty is a testament to an inclusive company culture that embraces diversity and equality whilst caring for its people.

Our three offices, in Johannesburg, Cape Town and East London, have maintained ISO 9001 certification since 2005. Our quality work, technical excellence and innovation have been acknowledged through the numerous SAICE, CESA, Fulton and SAPOA awards won. We have published many technical papers both nationally and internationally and have shared our expertise at conferences, symposia and tertiary education institutions.