Stormwater Management

Well-managed urban water bodies, watercourses and wetlands are valuable resources that provide environmental and recreational benefits whilst restoring the urban fabric of cities and offer opportunities for economic growth. Managing these assets are particularly important in the context of changing weather patterns and associated local, national and international sustainability strategies.

At HHO, we have extensive flood hydrology expertise, which ranges from impact assessments to dams, bridges & culverts, canal systems, roads and urban mixed-use developments. Using the latest software, our designers also conduct flood line analyses and ensure the safe discharge of run-off, whilst ensuring that water quality objectives are met. We are experts in stormwater management, master planning and the design of systems that are cost-effective, safe and efficient. We can provide a comprehensive service for our clients:

  • Hydrological impact assessments
  • Flood line studies
  • Master planning
  • Stormwater management plans
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Hydraulic modelling, analysis and design

Notable projects include the award-winning and very successful Century City development, which has become a benchmark for sustainable urban mixed-use developments.