Geotechnical Engineering

At HHO, we understand the need to develop infrastructure that benefits humankind. Most of what we see around us, whether it be the humblest of dwelling to the largest dam, is either supported by soil or rock. Geotechnical engineering is the science that explains the mechanics of soil and rock and its applications in the built environment.

Over the years we have nurtured our in-house geotechnical expertise to the point where they are highly regarded and respected amongst their peers. We are able to carry out the analysis and designs using the latest computer modelling and design software as well as carry out the construction supervision over a wide range of applications to ensure the integrity of the engineering work.

Among the services that our geotechnical section can offer are:

  • Foundation investigations for roads, bridges and structures
  • Investigation and stability analysis of unstable slopes
  • Design of cuttings, embankments and retaining systems
  • Design of lateral support systems for excavations
  • Earth and rock anchor design
  • Shallow and deep foundation design
  • Design of sub-surface drainage systems to drain waterlogged soils
  • Location and investigation of quarries and borrow pit material sources
  • Waste management and landfill design
  • Specialist construction supervision