Water Engineering

Water is essential for life to exist. Despite only 2.5% of water on the earth being fresh water, and most of this frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps, fresh water is used in virtually all human activities. The demand for water already exceeds supply in many parts of the world and, due to climate change and population growth, this imbalance is expected to worsen. The increasing demand on scarce and limited water resources requires engineering innovation and extensive input.

At HHO, we have many years of experience in the planning, design, project management, construction and maintenance of water projects from regional water supply schemes to small rural village schemes. The scale of projects range from the protection of springs and wells through the provision of simple sand filters and rural village reservoirs to regional water schemes involving dams, large diameter pipelines, pump stations and treatment works.

We deliver complex projects by working with multi-disciplinary teams involving planners, process specialists, electrical and mechanical engineers, social facilitators, environmentalists and other specialists. Our Water Engineering team can assist clients to:

  • Evaluate available water resources
  • Assess environmental impacts
  • Prepare project feasibility reports and cost estimates
  • Assist with community participation and information programmes
  • Design new or extensions to water treatment facilities
  • Analyse existing and design new water distribution systems
  • Design storage reservoirs
  • Design small and medium-sized wastewater treatment facilities
  • Design dams, weirs and stream intakes
  • Design pump stations and pipelines
  • Carry out dam safety inspections